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NYC Americana Week

John Chaski

Happy New Year!  Or as antiques dealers say, are you going to New York?  If you're not, I am.  I work cheap, too.  How cheap?  It depends on the level of service you require, but I'm pretty sure you'll be asking yourself "how can he work that cheap?"  Meticulously thorough vetting, saleroom representation, getting the stuff out of the city.  Peace of mind. 

Where will I be?  Everywhere, and all at once.  Like a Tibetan monk achieving the rainbow body.  I will be attending a session whenever there is one.  When there are two, I'll attend one and phone-bid the other. 

I'll leave the complete listing of events to others, but here's what I'm excited about:

Wednesday night I'll attend the Ceramics fair opening.  On Thursday 1/19 I'll attend both sessions of the Parker sale at Sotheby's.  I love the selection of Philadelphia carving; you could really do up a few rooms just out of this one sale.  Then the Winter Antiques Show opens, the main event.  And do you know what's cool about the Outsider show, also opening on Thursday?  It does its own thing.  Like the Ceramics fair does...I like that.  On Friday the action shifts to Christie's for me.  A wide variety.  Plus it's nice to walk the diamond district during the break and visit the Thai food truck for lunch.  Saturday it's back to Sotheby's for what will probably be a very long day.  Some really nice things in all three sessions. 

If there's something that excites you and you'd like for me to be in charge, let me know!