John Chaski, Inc.

American Material Culture

My experience in the antiques trade started at a very young age. I attended many auctions locally and in Pennsylvania with my father and by the time I was in high school had taken a part-time job with an auctioneer. Within two years I was cataloguing bi-monthly antiques sales. At age 16 I left this job to devote more time to dealing on my own.

My college search was relatively simple. Attending Lancaster County estate sales introduced me to one of the most vibrant areas for my prospective career, so I applied early decision and was accepted to Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster. My four years at F&M were crucial to my development not only as a person but also as a dealer. I built relationships that presented exciting new opportunities, attended as many auctions as I could, and traded at the markets in Adamstown on a weekly basis.

Leading up to my graduation in 2009, I decided to pursue my passion instead of following a more traditional career path.

Today, my business is based in Camden, Delaware.

When they’re not busy attending preschool, wreaking havoc, and controlling the havoc, my wife, Jen, and children, Charlie and Hannah, are involved in the business as well.

We exhibit at many of the most highly respected shows in the country, operate an open shop, sell privately, and serve as broker for private treaty and auction sales. The most enjoyable part of our business is bringing together fabulous objects and passionate buyers.