John Chaski, Inc.

American Material Culture



  • Painless (and free) initial consult. A worthwhile appraisal is not inexpensive, but it is so worth it. That being said, I’m not interested in coming to your home and taking your hard-earned money only to mail you a fancy document telling you that the stuff you had me appraise is worth less than I charged you to do it. E-mail, call, or text me and we’ll take it step by step from there, but I will never perform an appraisal that I don’t believe serves the best interest of the client.

  • Extensive hands-on experience that embraces tech. I’m a workaholic. I spend hours every day perusing auction catalogs online and/or attending live events. It would be hard to find someone more immersed in the marketplace for art & antiques. Couple that with a deep understanding of how to use and interpret online pricing databases, and I think I’m your huckleberry as far as expertise is concerned.

  • Neurotic attention to detail and a humble devotion to integrity. US-PAP compliant appraisals that are prepared with foresight. On its face an appraisal is a simple list of objects with prices, but to me it’s a lot more complicated than that - I look at it as building a case. In some instances, I am legally required to “show my work” so to speak, but in every single case I am doing my homework, documenting the process, and making sure the end product I provide is exceptional. When I encounter an item I don’t feel qualified to appraise, I admit it and use my network of contacts to find someone to collaborate with.

  • My base rate is currently $150 per hour for field work and research, and $20 per hour for clerical work.