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American Material Culture

Bargain Book: M.A.D. The Americana Chronicles

John Chaski

"30 Years of Stories, Sales, Personalities, and Scandals".  Since you can buy it on Amazon for like $8, I'm not going to make an extensive case for the book or spoil any of it. 

That being said, I highly recommend it.  Like as highly as I would recommend any book that's not Harry Potter or Peppa Pig.  I've owned it for a very long time and still pull it down off the shelf on a regular basis.  It was edited by Lita Solis-Cohen.  She deserves a Nobel prize for putting up with as many antiques dealers as she has.  That should be a new one, really.  The Nobel Prize for putting up with a bunch of antiques dealers all the time. 

The scandals and sales are great, but the personalities are the best.  Chris Huntington, Roger Bacon, some psychopath who made fake Mormon documents, Eddy Nicholson.  If you're weird like me you'll laugh, maybe cry, and read it all in one sitting.  Just buy the book already!